Art and Science of Laboratory Medicine

Art and Science of Laboratory Medicine

Friday, June 20, 2014

IFCC WorldLab Istanbul 2014 22 - 26 June

Welcome to meet me in IFCC Worldlab 2014.
You can find me from Labquality´s booth (stand 50) in the exhibition area (B5).
Please pop up just to say hello or discuss more about external quality assessment (EQAS)  or Labquality Days 2015 Congress.

See you in Istanbul!

Juha Wahlstedt

Read more about the congress:
IFCC WorldLab Istanbul 2014

Source: Labquality

Saturday, June 14, 2014

Microbiology is Beautiful

A very nice shot of microbiology lab

Original Image:
Microbiology Lab Shot

Image credits:  Geoff Whiteway

New test detects toxic prions in blood

The first cases of mad cow disease in humans occurred in the late 1990s and are thought to be the consequence of eating contaminated beef products. Several cases of secondary infections caused by transfusions with blood from donors who developed vCJD have been reported, raising concerns about the safety of blood products. A new article describes an assay that can detect prions in blood samples from humans with vCJD and in animals at early stages of the incubation phase.

Read more:
New test detects toxic prions in blood

Source: Science Daily

Medical Laboratory Professionals Day in Russia

Russia celebrates the medical professionals on 15 June (Third Sunday in June).
Congratulations to all colleagues in Russia! Keep on doing valuable work behind the scenes.

Russian flag colors in petri dish

Image credits: Photobucket

Pathology Butterfly

Summer in pathology department

Image credits: Susie Hoppe

Monday, June 9, 2014

Circulation Suite

Awesome anatomic costume

IFCC programmes to assist developing countries

IFCC recognizes that the extent and quality of laboratory testing in many developing countries lags behind what is required in advanced countries. In many developed countries it is stated, although without scientific proof, that 50-70% of medical decisions are based on laboratory test results. This underlying importance of laboratory testing is a primary reason why IFCC, within the limits of its resources, is determined to assist the progressive evolution and thereby the improvement of laboratory testing in developing countries.

A leaflet has been designed by the Immediate Past-President Prof. Jocelyn Hicks together with Executive Board Member and the Past-President of the African Federation of Clinical Chemistry Prof. Vanessa Steenkamp, to assist developing countries in understanding the programmes that are available for Member associations and their individual members. It serves as an interpretation of the"Developing Quality Competence in Medical Laboratories"(DQCML) programme.

Read more and find the leaflet here:
IFCC programmes to assist developing countries

Source: IFCC

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Salmonella Flower

 Beautiful bacterial flower on rambach agar.

View original image:
Microbiology – Salmonella spp

Source: Google+/Adi ko

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