Art and Science of Laboratory Medicine

Art and Science of Laboratory Medicine

Friday, July 25, 2014

Faecal Parasite Quiz

CASE: 5 years old boy from South Sudan has lost weight and sufferin diarrhoea. Faecal sample for parasites was taken and the findings are in the image. The size of the round particle on top of the image is 70 x 45 micrometers and the light brown roundish particle in the middle of the image is  some 10 micrometers larger. The size of the oval particles on the bottom of the image is around 53 x 23 mcrometers.

What are the findings?

Correct answer:  Two Ascaris lumbricoides eggs, fertilized and non fertilized and two Trichuris trichiura eggs (Bottom).


Anonymous said...

Trischirus trischura

Unknown said...

i think there are
1. Trichuris trichiura
2. Ascaris lumbricoides bith fertilised and unfertilsed


asongceline said...

The findings are: 1. Ascaris lumbricoides eggs (fertilized and unfertilized egg) 2. Trichuris trichiura eggs

Unknown said...

1. Trichuris trichiura2. Ascaris lumbricoides both fertilised and unfertilsed egg

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