Art and Science of Laboratory Medicine

Art and Science of Laboratory Medicine

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Aliens visited my lab

Green plasma from outer space or is there anoter explanation?

by Nadya Malik

Source: Facebook
Image credits: Nadya Malik


Unknown said...

Please,write, what is it

Unknown said...

Bile-stained peritoneal fluid, as in the case of intestinal perforation, can have this appearance.

تماضر عبد الرحمن سيداحمد said...

Something wrong with the anticoaggulant in the test tube , the alient was the firt thing that come my mind when I first met this green blasma thing , but I though it is better to be brave and I ask for the patient from whom that specimen came first, the girle arived she looked to me as anormal child age about 7 years old so I decideto another sample and it was nomal blood and consecontly normal plasma and CBC was performed and for my relief it was normal,I was worried for my country beacause we cannot afford faceing alient.

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