Art and Science of Laboratory Medicine

Art and Science of Laboratory Medicine

Friday, March 29, 2013

Anatomical Heart Necklace

This Anatomical Heart is undoubtedly one of the most detailed and anatomically correct hearts you'll find. Now available in White Bronze with a thick Silver plate finish. Just like the original bronze version that is also in my shop, this heart is perfect in every anatomical detail - if it's the real thing you're looking for you may well just have found it. Beautifully weighted, the heart looks great from every angle, and hangs off a jump-ring which is itself looped through one of the heart's arteries. Any more real, this thing would be pumpin'.

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Anatomical Heart Necklace Antique Silver Anatomical by LostApostle

Source: Etsy by LostApostole

Art and Science of Laboratory Medicine

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Damián said...

How much does it cost? Can you send it to Argtentina? Thanks!

Juha Wahlstedt said...

Dear Damian, jost follow the link. There is the price and ordering information.

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