Art and Science of Laboratory Medicine

Art and Science of Laboratory Medicine

Sunday, December 27, 2015

Free Online Blood Cell Image Gallery

Sysmex scientific image gallery includes 191 pictures of blood cells from bone marrow and peripheral blood. Every image includes als a description of a cell. The image gallery is part of the Sysmex Academy and it is completely free. Enjoy.

Segmented neutrophil
Size: 12-15 µm
Nucleus: clumped chromatin and mostly divided into 2-5 distinct segments connected with filaments. Cytoplasm: acidophilic with many fine reddish granules spread evenly. Function: phagocytosis, play an important role in the unspecific immune defense, in the tissue they defend the mucosa against bacteria and fungi.

Size: 15-25 µm
Nucleus: oval with identifiable nucleoli and diffuse chromatin structure Cytoplasm: basophilic with visible golgi-zone and eye-catching azurophil granula (primary granulation).

Open gallery here:
Sysmex Scientific Image Gallery

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