Art and Science of Laboratory Medicine

Art and Science of Laboratory Medicine

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Direct consumer lab testing is growing fast in USA

Direct-to-consumer laboratory testing is on the rise, as consumers become more educated and proactive about their own health. The market’s expected to grow past $350 million by 2020.

The direct-to-consumer test market is a bit fragmented – between traditional diagnostics purveyors and those providing genomic screening that have emerged in the past few years.

List of 20 key players in US market:
  • 23andMe provides genetic analysis to consumers including ancestry, physical characteristics and carrier screening. 
  • Any Lab Test Now is a franchise of 150 laboratories offering tests for paternity, STDs, drugs, allergies and diabetes management.
  • Color Genomics sells Color Kits
    for $249 that analyze 19 genes  using next generation sequencing to assess the risk of developing ovarian and breast cancer.
  • Counsyl provides testing for inherited diseases and focuses on ruling out carrier status for parents who are contemplating pregnancy.
  • Direct Laboratory Services
    offers wellness screening, as well as laboratory tests for arthritis, autism, cancer and a number of other diseases by partnering with Quest Diagnostics.
  • Gene by Gene offers carrier screening, whole genome sequencing, mitochondrial DNA sequencing, and family tree analysis. 
  • HealthCheckUSA is a discount direct-to-consumer testing lab based in Minnesota that offers standard clinical laboratory tests
  • Home Access Health advertises the ability to perform multiple laboratory tests on a few drops of self-collected blood.
  • MyMedLab was one of the first
    labs that performed laboratory tests without a physican’s order. It offers general health testing, metabolic panels, and female and male health screens.
  • Mapmygenome is based in India and provides screening for genetic traits, drug response and inherited diseases.
  • Pathway Genomics offers a liquid biopsy to detect cancer as well as pharmacogenomics and hereditary cancer carrier screening.
  • Positive Bioscience is
    based in India and offers personal genomic screening for predisposition to cancers of the breast, pancreas, ovaries, endometrium, skin, prostate, colon, lung and GI tract.
  • Request A Test is an
    Ohio-based company that offers 59 test panels for sexually transmitted  disease, celiac disease, heart disease and immune disorders.
  • Theranos used to be a much
    discussed player in this market but has ceased operations after receiving a cease and desist order from the FDA.
  • Walk-in Lab is a
    Louisiana-based traditional diagnostics company that partners with LabCorp to offer heart health screening, cancer screening, wellness tests, STD testing, hormonal panels and more.
  • WellnessFX focuses on
    preventative care by testing for biomarkers that assess cardiovascular, metabolic, hormonal and nutritional health issues.
  • Xcode Life Sciences is an India-based laboratory that provides pharmacogenomic testing and wellness evaluations.
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