Art and Science of Laboratory Medicine

Art and Science of Laboratory Medicine

Friday, July 18, 2014

Greiner Holdex® tube holder reduces gross hemolysis

Blood collection through intravenous lines frequently causes spurious hemolysis. Due to specific structure, the tube holder Holdex® (Greiner Bio-One GmbH, Kremsmuenster, Austria) is supposed to prevent erythrocyte injury in samples collected from catheters.

Blood was collected from emergency department (ED) patients with 20-gauge catheter. In patients with odd order numbers, first and second tubes were collected with conventional holder (BD Vacutainer One Use Holder, Becton Dickinson, Milan, Italy) and the third with Holdex, whereas in even patients first and second tubes were drawn with Holdex and the third using BD Vacutainer One Use Holder. The first tube was discarded, whereas the second and third were centrifuged and serum was tested for potassium, lactate dehydrogenase (LD) and hemolysis index.

Conclusions: The use of Holdex for drawing blood from intravenous lines may be effective for reducing gross hemolysis.

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Reduction of gross hemolysis in catheter-drawn blood using Greiner Holdex® tube holder

 Source: Biochemia Medica

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