Art and Science of Laboratory Medicine

Art and Science of Laboratory Medicine

Saturday, January 31, 2015

Malassezia Yeast Infections

Malassezia yeasts have been found in human dandruff, deep-sea vents, and pretty much everywhere in between. The skin of most if not all warm-blooded animals is covered with these microbes, and while they mostly live in peaceful co-existence with their hosts, they can cause serious diseases in humans and animals. While treatments exist for most of these, when treating Malassezia skin diseases, one should always bear in mind that Malassezia yeasts are integral components of the skin microbiota, and therefore the therapeutic target should be controlling the Malassezia population rather than eradicating it.
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Malassezia Yeast Infections in Humans and Animals

 Source: MicrobiologyBytes

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