Art and Science of Laboratory Medicine

Art and Science of Laboratory Medicine

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Mobile Hematology Atlas

The anticipated iPhone Hematology Atlas is now available free of charge. Similar to the iPad atlas, the iPhone hematology atlas provides the same content while being optimized for the iPhone user. We hope you enjoy this new resource. Outlines is a comprehensive full-featured medical education application available for both iPad and iPhone.

The Hematology Atlas allows multiple interactive options (e.g. rapid side-by-side comparisons of the individual entities, etc.), encompasses the normal and abnormal hematologic entities and displays them all through a very user-friendly environment. It depicts the individual cell types (e.g. RBCs and precursors, granulocytes and precursors, lymphocytes and precursors, etc.) in a visually stimulating style and allows the user to review the morphology, clinical relevance and look-a-likes in a very efficient manner. Multiple 3D diagrams and charts are also incorporated to enhance the user experience. 

Download here:
Hematology Outlines on the App Store on iTunes 

or visit the web atlas:

Source: Hematology outlines


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Would love to see this in an android version!

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